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Neil & Candice

Dunkeld Estate - Dullstroom

Neil and Candice's free-spirited love is infectious to anyone who has the pleasure of spending time with them. Their close-knit celebration took place at the picturesque Dunkeld equestrian estate, surrounded by dear friends and family.
From the moment Sharon and I joined the pre-wedding festivities the night before, it was evident that we were about to witness something truly heartfelt, authentic, and beautiful. The excitement and anticipation were palpable the next day as the couple prepared for their big day in separate locations.
Candice looked breathtaking in a gorgeous white gown adorned with a long veil and detailed floral lace.
Neil appeared dapper in his blue suit, yet the most captivating aspect was his enthusiasm for tying the knot with the lady of his dreams.
There's something incredibly unique about observing the lifelong commitment of two individuals who are head over heels for their life partners. Here, we've captured a few highlights, memories, and details from Neil and Candice's extraordinary wedding day.


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