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Georgia & Thomas

- 2023 -

- ESTD -

Sefton Park - Liverpool

Love Blooms in Sefton Park

An Enchanting Couple Shoot Amidst Nature's Beauty!

It is an opportunity for couples to celebrate their relationship and create lasting memories in a relaxed and intimate setting. The photographs taken during a couple shoot often serve as beautiful keepsakes and can be used for save-the-date cards, wedding invitations, or simply as a way to document a special moment in time.

Sefton Park is a true gem nestled in the heart of Liverpool, England. With its sprawling green spaces, vibrant gardens, and serene lakes, it is a haven for nature lovers and a perfect location for Tom & Georgia's couple shoot.

Capturing Love: What is a Couple Shoot?

A couple shoot, also known as an engagement shoot or pre-wedding shoot, is a photography session that captures the love and connection between two people.


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